artpusher is more than a digital agency

it's a system built for artists, collectives, and life-style creatives... it's designed to be a connecting point between creativity, and its perfect audience. 

built to stand as a one-stop-shop, and specific to the needs of visual, performative, and life-style artists, is here to disrupt the global art market by being the creatives' secret weapon.


all of the in-house and contract work is backed with an accurate understanding of art market trends, pricing models, and professional practice. the services are all mapped with the artist in mind, geared to be accessible, and are scaled to the content and timeline of every proposal. 

what to expect when sending out a quote:

specify at what stage your project is in, including all the relevant links, and timeline. be thorough, and keep it point form. we reply to everyone within 24hrs with a general quote that depends on the scope of info sent, as well as helpful resources towards supporting your goal.